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Katherine Wynter

Katherine fell in love with the horror and fantasy genres at a young age, hiding in libraries whenever she had the chance and reading till they made her leave – usually by throwing her book out the door so she was forced to follow. Although she once planned a career in genetic engineering so she could create her own time traveling dragon, she abandoned this profession when it became clear that sometimes the best science lives only in the imagination of readers. (Okay, her friends pointing out that said dragon, should she create it, would probably just end up having her for lunch instead of letting her ride its back may have also influenced that decision.) On a less crunchy note, Katherine lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and three insane cats of doom and destruction. Her first novella was released in April 2014 by Under the Moon Press. Keeper Chronicles: Awakening, an urban fantasy novel, was released in January 2015 by Geminid Press, LLC, and Reaper Legacy: Hunt for the Lost Raven is scheduled for April 2015 from Under the Moon. Please see her website for details