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Rose Streif

When she isn’t writing, Rose Streif of Indianapolis can be found wandering forests, studying cemeteries, straddling motorcycles, travelling the country, propping up bars, or haunting cabarets. Her published works include The Bearkeeper, a gaslamp fantasy set in an alternate-history Indianapolis; Night Music, three stories set in the Bearkeeper realm, “Tonight at Noon,” a humorous paranormal romance featured in the Indianapolis-based anthology Unreal City, and “Caligarisme,” a psychological thriller and tribute to her favorite film found in Blackwyrm Publishing’s Reel Dark: Twisted Projections on the Flickering Page. As co-owner of the small independent publishing imprint Das Krakenhaus, Rose seeks to be a friendly face in an otherwise daunting industry, working with small-time, first time, and in particular local authors who need a credential to put on their resume. Her own work is informed by the Midwestern Gothic aesthetic and an interest in history, folklore, mythology, art, and literature. She has been known to read textbooks for fun, and in fact gets most of her ideas from reading non-fiction.