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Workshop - How Does One Share Expertise Without Going on a Power Trip? Lessons from the Field

  • September 23, 09:00 AM
    Max Bell Building 150
EduDeo Ministries is a Canadian, Christian, mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview. Its Walking Together program provides opportunities for numerous Christian educators to share expertise with educators in developing countries. After many years of serving in education in North America, participating in the Walking Together program encompasses both an outward and an inward journey. Outwardly, a participant transitions from feelings of cultural superiority to cultural appreciation through a process of partnering. Inwardly, a participant moves from being viewed as an educational expert to becoming a learning leader who walks alongside educator colleagues working and living in very different educational contexts. Furthermore, a participant transitions from a culturally-rooted biblical worldview to experiencing diverse views in the context of sharing one biblical faith. This workshop will share examples and stories of transformation and resilience in the context of sharing power and influence across borders.