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Puppetry and Motion Capture in Animation | Sat, Sept 30, 2:00pm

  • September 30, 02:00 PM
    Main Venue | Main Floor North Grass
When it seems like every animator and their brother are animating digitally on a computer, what role does the humble puppet serve? More than you might think! From children’s television and Muppet movies to science fiction fantasies and stories of grief, puppetry and stop motion animation continues to bring new ideas to the table. Physical objects are only becoming more tangible on film in an industry where it seems like every monster or talking animal is born out of points, lines, and vectors. Learn how today’s master animators are building puppets with the latest techniques: LEGOs, clay sculpting, 3D printing and more. See how they are using motion capture and live video to animate life into their creations. And join us for a discussion on where the future of puppetry might be headed!