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Pre-Production and Planning: The Importance of Developing an Idea | Sat, Sept 30, 4:00pm

  • September 30, 04:00 PM
    Main Venue | Main Floor North Grass
Animation may look easy to an outsider looking in, but in actuality it is an incredibly labor intensive and demanding process. It’s not the kind of art you can just “wing” and hope for the best. Every second of production counts, so before you begin a project you need to know what you’re doing before you do it. Pre-production is the name animators give to the planning period for a project that takes place before any actual animation can start. And whether the project is an independent venture, a collaborative effort, a commissioned piece, to be aired on TV, confined to the internet, bound for the festival circuit, or any combination of these, the initial idea is likely to morph and change hundreds of times during this process. In this discussion, we will discuss where ideas start and how they take form, and how that process differs depending on the nature of the project.